Pedag Deluxe Fit Right Kit


  • $52.57
  • Save $36.29

  • LADY GEL + 4 Leather Heel Grips 2 Pair Forefoot Grips and 8 Strap Grips
  • High quality vegetable tanned leather
  • Have the right shoe fitting tools on hand when you need them
  • Made in Germany

Deluxe Shoe Fit Right Kit: Pedag's best selling Fit Right Kit is now even better. We combined the Fit Right Kit with another best seller, LADY GEL, our extra slim 3/4 insoles that make even the highest heels, sandals, and pumps cushioned and surprisingly comfortable. Lady Gel helps prevent pain, and that ominous burning sensation in the balls of the feet. Lady Gel also absorbs shock at the heels, and joints in the leg and back. Comfortable gel makes walking and standing easier and ensures a fantastic sense of well-being. Lady Gel is narrow and fits perfectly in any shoe. Since Lady Gel is hand washable, it can be used with bare feet, or with stocking and tights. The velour microfiber surface is kind and gentle to the skin. Lady Gel is hand washable, self adhesive, and movable from shoe to shoe. The other items in the Deluxe Fit Right Kit help resolve many common problems with how women's shoes fit. Now you can have all the tools on hand that you need make any shoe fit right. Does your heel slip out of the shoe or rub and cause a blister? Use STOP, our padded leather heel grips. Do your sandals or sling back straps slip off the back of your heel or rub and cause pain? Use SLING, our soft leather strap grips. Does your foot slide forward when you wear your favorite heels? Use GIRL, our skid proof, forefoot grips in either tan or black leather to keep your foot securely where it belongs.

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