Men UV Protection Polarized Aluminum Magnesium Alloy Sunglasses Driving Outdoor Eyeglasses


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These sunglasses are anti-glare, great for fishing, driving, golf and many other outdoor activities or sports,and can give good protection to your eyes. They have night vision function, can protect eyes from the glare of car lamp at night,avoid dazzle, giddiness,can make the view clear,especially suitable for the driver to drive at night. light weight, so it’s durable to use and portable easy to carry. They are good choice for outdoor activities and sports.

1.100% UV400 lens technology, absorbing harmful UVA and UVB rays.
2.Prevent the dazzle/glaring light, and improve the driving at night, make the vision more clearly!
3.Using TAC polarized lens,give a good protection to your eyes,good xxplosion proof,safety and security.
4.Eliminate reflected light and scattered light, maximum isolation harmful UV rays, protect your eyes.
5.Light weight, convenient to use and carry. You can carry to traveling, shopping, self-timer, playing cool.
6.Great for fishing, driving, golf and many other outdoor activities or other sports.

Glasses Brand:VEITHDIA

Frame Material:Aluminum Magnesium Alloy
Lens Material:TAC
Frame Color:
Black&Gray,Black&Orange,Gun&Gray,Silver,Gun Edge Blue
Features:UVA,UVB Protection,Polarized
Light Transmittance:99%

Detail In Size:Frame Whole Length:146mm
                          Frame Height:50mm
                          Lens Width:63mm
                          Nose Bridge:13mm
                          Leg Length:133mm

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