Best Choice Products Kids 2-in-1 Play Together Musical Playmat with Drums & Keyboard, Multicolor


  • $39.99
  • Save $20.49

  • Mat is designed to play up to 10 different instruments and 14 different built-in melodies
  • Designed with a recording device to playback all the master pieces that are assembled
  • Touch sensitive play mat that 2 People can play at the same time
  • It comes equipped with a MP3 plug-in to play along with one's favorite tunes
  • Recommended age: 3 years and above; product Dimensions: 34.5"L x 26.5"W

Best Choice Products is proud to present this new musical play mat. This toy provides the ability to play up to ten different instruments on one mat. The mat contains a keyboard which can be used to sound like a piano but can also be formatted to change tones. On the opposite side of the mat there is a drum set, that any child can use to play some awesome beats that will make anyone want to Jam. The mat also comes equipped with two mallets that can be used as drum sticks to play the drums or as mallets to play the keys. A child can embrace their inner rock Star by pressing one of the demo buttons, this will play background music so a child can play along with on either the drums or keys. If the demo is not desired, an MP3 can be plugged into the mat, as well, to play some tunes. The mat does come equipped with volume control buttons to make sure it does not get too loud. Lastly, this mat allows the capability to record one's performance and then playback to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to listen to the child's musical creativity. Specifications: product Dimensions: 34.5"L x 26.5W; weight:1.0 lbs; color: multi color.

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