Digoo DG-HOSA 433MHz Wireless GSM&WIFI&3G DIY Accessories Smart Home Security Alarm Systems Kits


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- DIGOO DG-HOSA Security Alarm Systems    -
-433MHz + DIY + Wireless + GSM +3G + Smart WIFI Conneect -
- Smart Home Alarm System -
Just choose what you want :)
1.Digoo DG-HOSA Wireless GSM&WIFI&3G DIY Smart Home Security Alarm Systems 
Brand Digoo
Model Digoo DG-HOSA
Wireless GSM&WIFI&3G DIY Smart Home Security Alarm Systems                      
Size 185mm x 125mm x 14.7mm / 7.28" x 4.92" x 0.57"
Screen 2.4 Inch TFT Large Digital Display Screen 
Function Daily Date/Clock Indication
Operating Syste with Multitasking Design

Automatic Alarm Indicate when Offline 
APP Function Support APP Remote Arm/disarm
parameter setting and accessory managment
Learning/Storage Location  Support up to 100 Learning/Storage Location for Remote Control and Wireless Detector
Record Function Record 20 Seconds Alarm Voice
if alarm occurs, the alarm host will dial preset number and play the record vioce  
Timer Function Can set automatic arm/disarm time according to your own routine time,avoiding repeated operation or miss arm/disarm
Support Timing Arm and Disarm
Nertwork Support WIFI/GSM/3G/GPRS Intranet Alarm System
Support Different Alarm Channels (APP Push / SMS / Voice monitoring / intrannet center Alarm, to ensure the alarm performance stable and reliable)
Telephone Function  Support 5 groups preset alarm phone number, SMS on/off and dial on/off can be set respectively
Support SMS Alarm/Disarm and Voice Alarm/Disarm
Defense Zone Support Support gate, SOS, bedroom, window, balcony, perimeter, smoke, gas, caebon monxide, water leaking ect.
Daily Operation Remote Control
Remote SMS
Mobile phone APP
GPRS Alarm Center
Language Support English, Chinese, German Three Language Setting
Input voltage DC5V
Working Current <120mA
Standby current <80uA
Siren output  <500mA
Wireless frequency 433MHz
Wireless Coding EV1527
GSM Bands 850/900/1800/1900MHz
WIFI Standrad IEEE802.11b/g/n Wirless Standrad
Back up Battery 3.7v/500mAh Lithium  Battery
Working Temperature 0~50℃
Relative Humidity <80%RH 

2.Digoo DG-ROSA 433MHz Wireless DIY Standalone Alarm Siren

Model Digoo DG-ROSA 
433MHz Wireless DIY Standalone Alarm Siren
Multi-Function Home Security Alarm Systems Host & Siren set 
Size 8cm x 3.1cm / 3.15" x 1.22"
Color Blue & White
Function Can work as a Standalone Alarm Host or Wireless Siren 
Alarm Both Voice Prompts and Quick Flash Strobe
Wireless Learning Code

One-Key-Control Function
Remote Control to Arm / Disarm / Emergency Alarm
Learning/Storage Location  Support up to 20 learning / Storage Location for Wireless Defense Zones
Detectors and 
Wireless Remote Controllers
Power Output DC5V 1000mA
Standby Current ≤ 13mA
Alarm Current ≤ 230mA
Decibel >100dB
Wireless Frequency 433MHz
Code SC 2262 IC 
Temperature -20℃ ~ +55℃
Humidity 40% ~ 80%RH
Built-in Backup Battery Lithium-ion Battery 3.7V / 280mA

3.Digoo DG-HOSA Smart 433MHz Wireless Smoke Detector Fire Alarm Sensor

Name 433MHz Wireless Smoke Detector Fire Alarm Sensor 
125mm x 35mm / 4.9" x 1.3"
Sensitivity of Smoke ⅡGrade
Emission Distance Open ≥ 120m
Emission Frequency 433MHz 
Decibel  > 85 dB 
Power Supply 9V Battery (Not includes)
Working Temperure -10℃~50℃
Interface Temperatrue of Air  10%-90%RH
Alarm Current ≤ 40MA
Standby Current ≤ 10uA

4.Digoo Smart 433MHz Wireless Carbon Monoxide Sensor Alarm Detector
Brand Digoo
Name 433MHz Wireless Carbon Monoxide Sensor Alarm Detector 
Size Diameter : 115mm
Height : 40mm
Alarm  Concentration Carbon Monoxide  ≥30 ppm    Alarm within 120 minutes
Carbon Monoxide  ≥50 ppm    Alarm within 60-90 minutes
Carbon Monoxide  ≥100ppm   Alarm within 10-40 minutes
Carbon Monoxide  ≥300ppm   Alarm within minutes
Fault Detection Function  Yellow LED Light ON
Decibel  > 85 dB within 3 inch
Power Supply 9V Battery (Not includes)
Working  Frequency 433MHz
(Can connect any alarm system which with 433MHz) 
Alarm Current ≤ 50MA
Standby Current ≤ 50uA
5. DG-HOSA Wireless Infrared PIR Detector
Working Voltage (2x AAA Battery)
(Already includes for your convenient using)
Working Current <=25mA
Static Current  <= 15uA
Detecting Distant 8-12m
(Depending on different house situation)
Emission Distance >=80m (Open Area )
Detect Angle 120°
Installation Height Recommend 1.8m-2.2m
Operation Temperature -10℃-55℃
Wireless Frequency  433MHz

6.DG-HOSA Wireless Guarding Windows Doors Sensor

Voltage  3V Button Battery
(Already includes for your convenient using)
Under Voltage Monitoring 7.5 V+/-0.5V
Static Current  <=10uA
Triggering Distance  25-35mm
Emission Current  <=15mA
Emission Distance >=120 m (Open area)
Emission Frequency 433MHz
Working Temperature -10℃ ~50 ℃
Convenient Function Simply put it any please you want in your home :)
( such as door, window, drawer, wardrobe, bath etc)
When someone pass it by, DG-HOSA will ring 

7.DG-HOSA External Wired Alert Siren

Working Voltage 12DC
Rated Current 320 / 600 / 1000 / 1200 mA
Output Power 15W
Connector 3.5mm
Decibel Super loud 110 /+3dB

8.DG-HOSA Wireless Remote RF Controller

Working Power Includes Button Batteries
(Already includes for your convenient using)
Wireless Frequency 433MHz
Detecting Distant 60m-100m
Color Black & White optional

9.DG-HOSA Wireless Remote DoorBell Button

Working Power Includes Button Batteries
(Already includes for your convenient using)
Wireless Frequency 433MHz
Detecting Distant 50m-70m
Color Black & Silver, Looks Tiny & Great~
Size 45mm Diameter Round
(It is about the size of the  lens.)
Convenient Function Stick one near your door, when some one press it,
 will ring~

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