Philips Daily Collection HD7301 / 00 1700W Tea Machine Black


  • $95.00
  • Save $55.00

Always hot tea for the whole family with automatic hot holding function,
Automatic warming

1700 W
1.9 L water heater
Glass teapot
1700 Watt heating system for short time warming of water
The 1700 W heating system in the tea maker allows the water to heat up quickly.
Large 1.9L water heater for boiling water to all families
With the large 1.9L water heater you can boil water to make tea for the entire family.
0,9 L glass teapot for making tea for all families
The 0.9 liter glass teapot allows tea brewing for the entire family.
360 ° swivel base on one foot for easy lifting and placement
360 ° swivel base on one foot for easy lifting and placement.
Flat heating element for quick boiling and easy cleaning
The hidden stainless steel material ensures quick boiling and easy cleaning.
Anti-scale filter for a clean cup of water
Removable limescale filter to clean water and water heater.
Power cord rewinder for easy storage
You can keep the kettle in your kitchen without cluttering by wrapping the cord in the base.
Keeping the car warm keeps your tea at the proper temperature
The warm-up function is activated automatically when water starts to boil and keeps your tea at the right temperature for as long as you like.

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